Malmberg, a Sanoma company, has won the IPON Award* in the category 'Best innovative software product for secondary education'. Malmberg received this award for her newest e-methods, which stand out because of their advanced ICT. The jury praised Malmberg for her innovativeness and for the steps they are taking in offering tailor-made solutions for students and teachers.

"Malmberg is an established publisher that keeps up with its time by developing new learning materials, such as their e-methods. Malmberg's new e-methods are a new step toward tailor-made solution for students and teachers, where the teacher is still in control of the learning process", says Frans Peeters, member of the IPON Awards jury.

When education becomes more and more digitalized, it is important to find the right balance between traditional lessons and computer lessons. Malmberg calls it 'blended learning' and consciously chooses the medium that fits a certain topic best. This way you get an inspiring mix for students as well as for teachers.

Harold Rimmelzwaan, Malmberg's CEO: "Holland shows a great diversity in schools that are very much in favor of ICT and have organized their ICT infrastructure really well, and schools that don't. Also not every teacher has a feeling for ICT, whereas students often effortless work and learn with computers. Malmberg loves the challenge to market learning methods that closes this gap and to help schools to innovate their education through ICT".

Malmberg is a part of Sanoma Group's Sanoma Learning & Literature division.