On 21 April 2010, Huuto.net adopted the new Payson payment system, which increases the security of online purchases.The new payment system ensures that the personal account and credit card information of the users is not displayed to the recipient or obtained by unauthorised parties. Payson offers a secure and easy way for transferring money between the buyer and the seller.Previously, no payment system has been used in Huuto.net, but payments have been made privately between the buyer and seller. With Payson Payment, purchases made on Huuto.net can be paid through the major Finnish online banking systems and credit cards.Safe way for transferring money between buyer and sellerPayson Security makes buying and selling particularly safe. Payson Security ensures that after making the payment, the buyer can inspect the purchased product before the money is transferred to the seller's account. This ensures that both the buyer and the seller will be satisfied with the transaction and, for instance, that the seller actually delivers the product in question."As online purchasing becomes more and more common, we pay increasing attention to the safety of buying and selling at Huuto.net. Payson Payment protects the user's account and credit card information from third parties. Payson Security, on the other hand, offers additional safety in large purchases where the product and the money are never in the hands of one party at the same time", explains Jarkko Kyttänen, Business Director of Sanoma Digital Finland.Partnership with the largest micropayment system in SwedenPayson, the leading micropayment system in Sweden, has more than 1,000,000 Swedish users. The payment system is used in more than 2,000 Swedish companies."We wanted to offer a better chance for Huuto.net users to safely select their preferred payment method. Payson is the natural business partner for Huuto.net. The payment system, delivered by a reliable party, has been used for years at Tradera.com, the largest auction site in Sweden, and with good results," says Kyttänen."Private online trading is rapidly growing. Private individuals buying and selling online need solutions for taking care of payments in a smooth and secure way. We are happy that the co-operation with Huuto.net introduces the payment solutions of Payson to Finland as well", says Oskar Bjursten, Managing Director of Payson AB.In addition to the new payment system, Huuto.net users can also continue to pay for their purchases privately outside the Huuto.net system.For additional information, please contact:Jarkko Kyttänen, Business Director, Sanoma Digital Finland, tel.040 703 5190Oskar Bjursten, Managing Director, Payson AB, tel.+46 8 728 9320