AAC Global Oy, a Sanoma company, is expanding its operations to China and has opened an office in Shanghai during March 2010. The China office will offer the same globalisation services to clients as AAC Global's other offices currently provide in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the UK and Russia.

During the initial phase, the core focus will be on the translation and localisation unit, which has been established in co-operation with AAC Global's long-term Chinese partner, Boffin Technologies. Training and competence development, digital training solutions and documentation services will be provided to customers on a project basis.

"AAC Global's strategic goal is to become one of the leading players of globalisation services in the B-to-B sector, and in particular to support our key Nordic customers in their internationalisation efforts. China constitutes a strong growth area for our customers, which is why there has been positive pressure on us to extend our services there," reports Tuomo Räsänen, AAC Global's Chairman of the Board.

AAC Global is the leading provider of globalisation services in the Nordic markets. We actively support our customers in their competence and communication challenges in multilingual and global business environments. Our comprehensive portfolio of globalisation services include translation, localisation, terminology management, documentation services as well as training in languages, communication and international management skills. AAC Global is a part of Sanoma Learning & Literature, a division of the Sanoma Group.