Sanoma Corporation has confirmed Paper procurement principles for the whole Group.As a major paper procurer, Sanoma acknowledges its responsibility to the environment and promotes the responsible use of forest resources. Consequently, Sanoma requires that its suppliers procure wood responsibly and consider social questions. Sanoma favours suppliers with ISO 14001 certified environmental systems.The guidelines ensure that the paper Sanoma procures has been produced responsibly. The following aspects are considered when procuring paper: the legality and origin of the raw material, sustainable forestry (forest certification), environmental effects of paper production as well as social responsibility.Sanoma procures paper made from wood from legal sources only. Sanoma also considers social responsibility when purchasing paper and requires compliance with human rights, labour laws, social standards, and related international agreements.Sanoma gives priority to suppliers of certified paper and requires that its paper suppliers monitor and verify the origin of the wood they use as raw material. The use of certified fibres will increase in all Sanoma's printing papers.Recycled fibres will be used in magazines and newspapers when possible.Sanoma Corporation procures every year some 250,000 tonnes paper and board to be used in the Group's newspapers, magazines and books. Sanoma has seven major paper suppliers and received deliveries from some 40 different paper mills in 2008.