TV channel supply in antenna network grows. The Finnish Government has granted two new operating licenses for television broadcasting in Multiplex E. The licenses were granted for Family Channel Oy and Sanoma Television Oy.

Family Channel plans to launch a channel called Suomi TV (Finland TV). The programming is based on news, programmes for children and the young as well as foreign and domestic entertainment.

Sanoma Television got operating license for its lifestyle channel Liv which is targeted especially at women. The main themes of Liv are family and human relations, home and kitchen as well as beauty, style and health. Liv is already being broadcasted in cable TV network, among others.

Sanoma Television's operating license is valid until 31 August 2010. The operating license of Family Channel is valid until the end of 2016.

Sanoma Television is part of Sanoma Entertainment, the electronic media division of the Sanoma Group.