Sanoma Budapest's gossip media portfolio of magazines, cable TV, online, mobile, books, events and branded consumer products wraps its consumers in gossip.

"We want to satisfy our consumer's needs 360°. They trust us to inform them whenever and wherever they are," says László Pintye, Publishing Director of Sanoma Budapest.

"While doing this we create new communities and better targeting opportunities for advertisers. Gossip 360° has helped us widen the homogenous advertising basis to fit our customer's needs," Pintye adds.

Gradual growth over 10 years

The concept of Gossip 360° has grown gradually over more than ten years. The flagship, "friendly gossip" magazine Story was launched in Hungary in 1998 and was an instant hit. Up-scale celebrity title Best, cable TV channel Storytv, StoryOnline web portal and Story Five Star Awards celebrity events followed. Newest branded services include Story Quick bank loans, gossip-related books and mobile services.

Brand extension is a pioneering and permanently growing activity of Sanoma Budapest.

"It is important that all aspects of the carefully built concept support each other: media consumers can see stars being made in storytv's programmes and follow their careers closely from magazines, books, online and mobile," László Pintye explains.

Wide portfolio creates sustainability

The 360° concept allows Sanoma Budapest to continue improving its revenue and EBIT from gossip even at uncertain times like now.

"The knowingly executed concept means that the financial results of non-magazine products can compensate the decreasing profit of print titles," Pintye says.

Numerous innovations have served the continuous growth. The 10-year old Story magazine was re-launched in 2008 with a clearer structure and more visuality. StoryOnline has gained number 2 position in the highly competitive market and is attracting over 90,000 unique visitors daily.

"360° publishing is a breakout opportunity for the stagnant magazine market. As a versatile model it is highly applicable either to the glossy or other segments. Important is that it's built around true consumer needs and not to top-to-bottom strategic initiatives," Pintye explains.

Sanoma Budapest is part of Sanoma Magazines, the magazines division of the Sanoma Group.