As part of its ongoing strong emphasis on developing its online business, Sanoma Magazines Finland has decided to bring together development of its electronic product portfolio under the umbrella of a new Digital Media Unit as of 1 June 2008.

The new Digital Media Unit will be responsible for Sanoma Magazines Finland's digital product portfolio, which is based around consumer web sites and other digital services. The company has already launched several new online services this year, and a number of new sites are due to be announced towards the end of the year.

Mrs. Tuija Wikström has been appointed Director, Digital Media Unit and will join Sanoma Magazines Finland's Management Team.

"Our traditional strengths – high quality content, target group know-how and strong brands – give us an excellent jumping-off point for further developing our digital presence. By bringing together our digital operations and expertise in one unit, we can ensure that we have the capability to develop new products in this area more rapidly and flexibly. It will also enable us to make more effective use of the digital expertise elsewhere in the SanomaWSOY Group," says Tuija Wikström.

Sanoma Magazine Finland's digital strategy is mainly based around community-driven, highly focused, high-volume consumer services. "The bulk of online sales and revenue comes from advertising, which is why we are focusing on developing new advertising solutions and our online media sales efforts. We're also starting to work with Sanoma Digital's online media sales people as well," continues Tuija Wikström.

"We're looking for new growth from digital media to complement our successful magazine publishing business," says Raili Mäkinen, Sanoma Magazines Finland's President. "Net sales from online operations in the Sanoma Magazines division as a whole increased by 40% last year, and online activities now account for around 5% of the Division's more than EUR 1.2 billion net sales. Digital services have become a major and profitable business in the Netherlands and Hungary, for example."

Sanoma Magazines Finland is part of the Sanoma Magazines division of the SanomaWSOY Group.