The Finns, thirsting for knowledge, will have their hands full with quality reading in March, when Sanoma Magazines Finland introduces the international reportage magazine GEO in Finland. GEO – founded in Germany by Gruner + Jahr and published today in 16 countries – offers readers extensive reports on interesting phenomena and people around the world.

GEO reports comprehensively, vividly and accurately on a wide thematic spectrum: history, medicine, psychology, nature and ecology. GEO is not afraid to deal with daily social and religious issues. In addition, the magazine connects results of scientific studies with people's everyday lives.

"GEO is the answer to the challenge posed by the Finns, thirsting for knowledge. It addresses all topics which are on the agenda of today's global knowledge society. However, GEO is not a traditional popular science publication. It offers information combined with sensual stimulation, a true reading adventure. The uniqueness of GEO is based on the award-winning photographs," says Editor-in-Chief Katriina Palo-Närhinen.

GEO completes Sanoma Magazines Finland's portfolio of over 40 consumer magazines. It will take its place alongside the popular science magazine Tiede, which has been published since 1980. In the last few years, Tiede has succeeded in increasing its readership and has now a circulation of over 60,000 copies.

"Tiede focuses on Finland-related subjects and news-like reporting, while GEO offers a more timeless and European perspective. We believe that GEO as a modern magazine with magic pictures will quickly take its place in market," says Anne Koski, Publishing Director of Sanoma Magazines Finland's Magazines unit.

In 2008 GEO is published eight times. From 2009 the frequency will be 10 issues a year. The first issue of GEO Finland will hit the newsstands in March with a print run of 70,000 copies.

Sanoma Magazines Finland is the leading Finnish magazine publisher and part of Sanoma Magazines, which operates in 13 countries in Europe and is the largest division in the SanomaWSOY Group.