A total of 475,807 shares of Sanoma Corporation have been subscribed with 2001B stock options.

Following these subscriptions, the number of Sanoma's shares increased from 162,614,844 shares to 163,090,651 shares. The total amount of subscription prices was recorded in the fund for invested non-restricted equity.

The new shares were entered into the Trade Register on 13 November 2008 and the trading in the new shares begins on 14 November 2008. For the new shares subscribed with stock options all shareholder rights commence from the date on which they are entered into the Trade Register.

Sanoma (formerly SanomaWSOY) announced the Warrant Scheme 2001 on 31 January 2002. Sanoma informed about the previous share subscription with stock options on 8 October 2008.

Sanoma Corporation

Kim Ignatius
Chief Financial Officer

Additional information: Sanoma's Group Communications, tel +358 105 19 5062 or communications@sanoma.com


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