Broadband and cable-TV operator Welho started May 31, 2007 Welho Play on demand service, through which Welho broadband subscribers can watch e.g. films and Nelonen's TV programmes at their pc when ever they want. Services include both pay per view and free of charge content.

New on demand service brings to your home computer some 700 films, TV series and domestic karaoke videos, nearly 1,500 hours of programming. Welho will later bring the on demand services also to TV.

The user will buy watching time to the programmes and programme packages they choose. Videos will be brought from Welho server to home computer in so-called streaming format. Programmes will not saved on the computer, but they can be interrupted, they can be rewind/fast forwarded, and they can view unlimited number of times during the period paid. Payment will be added to monthly invoice.

"We believe that the on demand videos will be a natural part of watching TV in future, as the audience wants to have more influence on what they watch and when. Welho aims to offer as much content as possible via one single service – like we already do on Welho pay TV service, which already offers more than 100 digital channels", says Product Manager Jussi Vuorinen of Welho.

To use Welho Play one needs Welho broadband service and a computer with Windows as the operating systems and Internet Explorer as the web browser. One can test the compatibility of the computer with test video. Service is located at

Welho is part of SanomaWSOY's electronic media division SWelcom.