Sanoma Uitgevers will launch Get In Shape, a glossy magazine for women who want to feel good and lose weight, on 28 December. It will be the first magazine in the Netherlands that focuses specifically on this theme. In 2008, Get in Shape will come out four times.

Get In Shape is about food and diets and also pays much attention for health, sports, well-being, fashion and beauty. In a positive manner the magazine wants to battle those few extra pounds that people want to get rid of. Being overweight is a problem of increasing importance also in the Netherlands. Approximately 44% of the population is considered to be overweight.

With a mixture of informative and inspiring articles Get In Shape – the magazine about weight-loss – wants to offer women the opportunity to lose weight. Get In Shape will be made by a professional editorial team led by Marieke 't Hart. The editorial staff is being supported by a team of experts, amongst which dieticians Elly Kaldenberg and Yneke Vocking and professor in nutrition and health Jaap Seidell. But the magazine is not only about the way you look. Feeling good, being happy, exercising, being healthy – this will also be featured extensively.

Dutch-based Sanoma Uitgevers is part of the magazine division of the SanomaWSOY Group, Sanoma Magazines.