Before the end of 2007, for the first time women in Belgium will have their own mobile offering. The new service allows women to call and send text messages at interesting terms tailored to their phone usage and that delivers 'customized' content. For this first mobile offering, market leaders Sanoma Magazines Belgium and Proximus combine forces.

Women make longer calls than men and they want rates that take this into account. In addition, women use their mobile phones increasingly as an information channel. Regarding receiving information, women are picky: they want information that fits their lives and interests closely.

Michel Georgis, delegated director of Proximus: "We are very glad to introduce a specific offering for women together with Sanoma Magazines Belgium. Sanoma Magazines Belgium is the biggest publisher of women's magazines in Belgium and they know what engages women perfectly. This co-operation fully fits Proximus' strategy to co-operate with partners who provide an enrichment to the product offerings for our customers."

Six out of ten Belgian women read one of the Sanoma Magazines Belgiums products, including Flair, Flair l'Hebdo, Libelle, Femmes d'Aujourdhui, Feeling or Gael. With this, Sanoma Magazines Belgium is the most important provider of content that informs and inspires women. Not only through magazines and websites, but soon also through a mobile offering.

Aimé Van Hecke, CEO of Sanoma Magazines Belgium: "Our biggest trump card is our thorough knowledge of what motivates women. That enables us to connect ourselves, advertisers and partners with women in an intelligent way."

Sanoma Magazines Belgium is part of the SanomaWSOY Group's magazine division Sanoma Magazines.