Sanoma Budapest launched today the first issue of Nok Lapja Egészség, a new monthly magazine featuring a wide range of health related topics in a high-quality editorial environment. Nok Lapja Egészség is based on the brand of Nok Lapja, one of the most successful and authentic brands of Sanoma Budapest.

The new magazine offers high-quality entertaining articles targeting readers interested in healthy lifestyle. Full of practical and useful advice, the magazine deals with common health problems, including analysis, screening, diagnosis, alternative and traditional treatments, from an easy-to-understand and modern perspective.

The target group of the new magazine is similar to Nok Lapja: modern, active, quality-conscious women aged from 35 to 55 and interested in healthy lifestyle. The magazine offers good reading to the whole family, with special focus on young mothers as well as generational differences.

The Editor-in-Chief of Nok Lapja Egészség is Dezslik Magdolna. Introduction price of the semi-glossy magazine is HUF 299 (EUR 1.20).

Popular in Hungary, the weekly Nok Lapja also has other brand extensions: the selection includes the monthly Nõk Lapja Évszakok as well as Nõk Lapja Konyha and Nõk Lapja Esküvõ covering subjects on cooking and weddings. Brand extensions also include Nõk Lapja Café, Hungary's most popular website for women and the Nõk Lapja Mûhely book series.

Sanoma Budapest is part of SanomaWSOY's magazine division Sanoma Magazines.