WSOY has made an agreement with FinELib consortium to make Facta information service available for more than 2 million Finns in public libraries, universities, vocational high schools, and research institutes. The agreement covers the biggest universities in Finland and 18 vocational high schools as well as the Parliament, Council of State, Yleisradio (national broadcasting company), and libraries in tens of cities and municipals.

- The agreement brings the Finnish content systematically developed and maintained during decades by our encyclopaedia editorial department for students. Electronic service enables fast searches. It ensures reliable and edited information for students, researchers, and people interested in general knowledge, says Publishing Manager Lippo Luukkonen from WSOY.

Facta information service offers wide, up-to-date and quality information to those who feel that internet information services are too wide and unreliable. It is published and updated by WSOY's encyclopaedia editorial office. Facta information service will open at the beginning of April 2006, and can be seen in

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