Broadband operator Welho starts a PCTV service for companies and public entities. The service enables watching TV via computer or a separate display attached to a computer. Welho's PCTV service is an affordable solution for digitalisation of TV in companies or public entities, because with PCTV, there is no need for individual digital set-top boxes for each TV. The service, available from the beginning of November, is brought to local area network via Welho's protected cable network. PCTV service is offered mainly on the Helsinki metropolitan region, and in other parts of Finland depending on the customer.

If a roperty has a quality local net work with high enough capacity, PCTV service enables watching TV from PC display. PCTV service quality is the same as current digital TV services and it is easy to install.

In the first phase, PCTV service offers all national terrestrial digital channels and their services, excluding pay TV. Later on, it is possible to add pay TV services also to PCTV service offering.

In September, Welho launched an IPTV service for households. The service offers all Welho's TV services through DSL connection outside Welho's cable network. IPTV stands for distributing high quality TV signal through IP technology via a separate set-top box. IPTV and PCTV services are distributed thorough a closed network which enables a high quality signal and separates these services from web TV, which is distributed via an open network and therefore does not have the same high quality signal.

Welho is part of SanomaWSOY's electronic media division, SWelcom.