Taloussanomat.fi has been renewed. Taloussanomat is investing strongly in the Internet, with its online service publishing tens of new financial news items every day. Taloussanomat.fi promises to be faster, more comprehensive and more entertaining that other financial media.

The newspaper, which is also undergoing renewal at the same time, will be created by refining news items published online. Each issue contains material that will not be published on the Web. The focus for both the paper and the website will be placed on the visual image, presenting news in a way that sells, emphasising entertainment and interactivity.

The President and Senior Editor-in-Chief of Taloussanomat, Juhani Pekkala, calls the new Web-to-newspaper approach a significant and historic reform in the Finnish press.

"Rapid change is taking place in the financial information markets. Information is increasingly sought from electronic services. The printed newspaper remains strong, but online services are growing strongly alongside it," states Pekkala.

Sixty per cent of visitors to Taloussanomat's online services do not read the printed newspaper, and this number is growing all the time. However, responding to this new kind of customer behaviour does not mean less of an emphasis on the newspaper content.

"Quite the opposite, we have given even more careful thought to what belongs in the paper and in what way we can provide background and better analyses of our news stories. This is where co-operation between the paper and the Web service comes in. This simply means providing better service for our customers," assures Pekkala.

The aim is to rapidly multiply the current number of online service visitors many times over.

"We seek an increase in the number of visitors by expanding the group of people that are interested in finances. Financial media does not have to be boring. People are interested in economic issues, the only question is how to attractively present it," adds Pekkala.

Taloussanomat is part of Sanoma, SanomaWSOY's newspaper publishing and printing division.