Sanoma Men´s Magazines B.V. (SMM) part of Sanoma Magazines division of the SanomaWSOY Group plans to acquire all outstanding shares of Wegener Golf BV. SMM is part of Sanoma Uitgevers B.V., the leading magazine publisher in the Netherlands.

Wegener Golf is a fully-owned subsidiary of Koninklijke Wegener NV. Wegener Golf is the publisher of GOLFJournaal, GolfNieuws, Golf Extra and Golfers Magazine as well as the sponsor of related internet activities and events. Wegener Golf works closely with the Dutch Golf Federation and leads the market in golf publications. These activitities are very well known among the growing numbers of golfers in the Netherlands. Wegener Golf has a staff of about 15 employees.

– Golf magazines are a logical expansion of our special-interest portfolio, which comprises Sportweek, Zeilen, Fiets, Formule 1, AutoWeek, Moto73, Motor Magazine and Truckstar. This acquisition means that SMM now covers the golf segment, too. The online and other expansion opportunities fit in with our growth strategy, says Auke Visser, Managing director of SMM.

For Wegener, the acquisition means further concentration on core businesses. – We are convinced that we have found a good home for our golf magazines with Sanoma Uitgevers. Moreover, the professionalism of market leader Sanoma Uitgevers offers new opportunities. This is positive for the Dutch Golf Federation and all golf lovers in the Netherlands, says Jan Houwert, chairman of the Management Board.

The parties expect that the negotiations will lead to the anticipated transaction.

Sanoma Men's Magazines B.V. is a fully-owned subsidiary of Sanoma Uitgevers B.V. With a portfolio of more than 67 popular magazines (including related extensions, sites and events), Sanoma Uitgevers is the leading publisher of multimedia infotainment in the Netherlands. Sanoma Uitgevers is part of Sanoma Magazines, the magazine publishing division of the SanomaWSOY Group.

Koninklijke Wegener N.V. is a listed (Euronext) media and marketing company located in Apeldoorn. Wegener is the largest publisher of regional daily and local newspapers in the Netherlands and an important player in Western Europe when it comes to direct marketing. In addition, Wegener develops and exploits internet products and services, publishes special interest magazines and provides graphic products and services