The Confederation of Finnish Industries EK and Sanoma Magazines Finland have signed a contract to publish Prima magazine from 1 January 2007. This publication is targeted for the top management of enterprises in the Confederation, authorities and politicians. Prima will be published eight times a year with a print run of 35,000 copies. Eija Lampi of EK will serve as Editor-in-Chief.

The Confederation of Finnish Industries EK began distributing Prima magazine to its members in 2004. The magazine has become a powerful business periodical focusing on issues that the Confederation considers strategically important. "96 per cent of the members of EK are small and medium-sized enterprises with a vital interest in concise and well organised reporting on matters that affect their operating environment and competitiveness," is how Editor-in-Chief Eija Lampi sums up the prime function of Prima.

- This magazine is a good fit in the current business publications portfolio of Sanoma Magazines Finland, and will strengthen our reputation for high standard business journalism. Prima is a unique business periodical and decision-maker medium, and its development in partnership with EK is a highly motivating challenge. With its clearly defined target readership and content, the magazine ideally suits to the expertise of our business publications unit in terms of both editorial content and marketing, says publishing director Eija Toiviainen of Sanoma Magazines Finland's Technical Magazines and Custom Publishing Unit.

- Prima will be able to call on the services of leading industry experts, thereby enlarging our access to a network of enterprises and specialists covering the whole of the European Union. In addition to the Confederation's in-house specialists, Prima will also benefit from the expertise of hundreds of business leaders who serve in various Confederation committees and numerous international experts who visit EK on a regular basis, Eija Lampi explains.

Sanoma Magazines Finland is part of SanomaWSOY's magazine division, Sanoma Magazines.