HELLÓ V.I.P.!, a new weekly available as of August 30, is published by Sanoma Budapest, the most prominent publisher of star magazines in Hungary. The new star magazine is dominated by visual elements, following the new media consumption trends. It covers the most recent news and piquancy about Hungarian and international stars, using more and fresher photos ever. The 44-pages HELLÓ V.I.P.! is distributed in 120,000 copies.

Editor-in-Chief is Miklós Ómolnár, who contributed to the success of the two other star magazines of the publishing house: Story and Best. He also works as Editor-in-Chief of the star cable TV Channel 4!, the storytv. Similarly to the titles Story and Best, HELLÓ V.I.P.! is a friendly gossip magazine. Its dynamic way of editing and column structure, fresh layout, lively and varied illustrations will distinguish HELLÓ V.I.P.! in the market.

Hungarian-based Sanoma Budapest is part of Sanoma Magazines, the magazine publishing division of the SanomaWSOY Group.