Totally something else (Jotain Ihan Muuta in Finnish) or shortly just JIM is Nelonen's new commercial TV channel that starts its broadcasts during spring 2007. What one can wait for from the new channel?

According to Elina Pentisaari, who will be responsible for the new TV channel, JIM is targeted to more adult audience than TV channel Nelonen. In addition, JIM's programme is planned from more male point of view. – In the broader scale, the target audience is change-oriented Finns, which covers more or less 50% of the population, Pentinsaari says.

– Even though the male audience is taken into account, JIM's programme does not consist of sports, movies, and news but interesting documents, high quality life style, and addicting series. Most of the series are new but we will also have some of the most popular series that has been seen in Nelonen before. JIM's programme will include do it yourself type lifestyle programmes, high quality drama, and good documents, lists Pentinsaari.

The aim of the new channel is to strengthen Nelonen's position and relationship with its audience as well as naturally increase Nelonen channels' viewing share. – JIM is supporting the TV channel Nelonen and JIM's programme will be planned taking Nelonen's one into account. The most important will be the prime time, Pentinsaari describes.

Strong in multimedia

– We have successfully operated our main TV channel, Nelonen already 9 years. Now it is right time to broaden our operations. We strongly believe that television as well as other digital media is growth areas in the future. We will focus on multimedia – TV programmes continue to live also in radio and internet which will create added value for the viewers, says Jukka-Pekka Louhelainen from SW Television.

In addition to new TV channel, Nelonen starts two new radio channels as of January 1, 2007. – We want to offer unique content, something that is totally different, also in the air, says Kari Laakso, programme manager for both radio stations.