SanomaWSOY's electronic media division, SWelcom, has widened its media offering – a new unit, Nelonen Media, will cover all kind of electronic media during 2007. Two new radio channels will start at the beginning of the year 2007 and later in March a new commercial TV channel JIM will be launched.

– We have operated our principal TV channel, Nelonen, now successfully for nine years. Now it is a right moment to augment our businesses to new fields. We strongly believe that the time spent with TV and other media will increase also in the future. Multimedia is a issue we are paying more attention to. TV programmes live their lives also on the radio and on the internet. That is how we will offer added value for our listeners and watchers, states Juha-Pekka Louhelainen, Executive of Nelonen.

Louhelainen will be heading also the new organisation Nelonen Media as well.

The new TV channel JIM is a digital free-to-air channel and it will focus on broadcasting international TV productions.

– There will be no sport, no movies nor news on the new channel JIM. Instead it will serve its viewers by broadcasting documentaries, life style programmes, and TV series. Most of the series are new, never seen in Finland before, but we also replay some series already shown in main TV channel, Nelonen. There will be some "do it yourself" life style programmes, entertaining talk shows, quality drama, and interesting documentaries, reports Elina Pentinsaari, who will be in responsible for the operation of JIM.

The name JIM does not refer to first name Jim. It is an abbreviation of Nelonen's slogan " Jotain Ihan Muuta" (Something Completely Different).

Nelonen is part of SanomaWSOY's electronic media division SWelcom.