Sanoma Magazines International, the shareholder of Sanoma Magazines Praha s.r.o., has announced that Mr. Petr Rasocha will step down from his position as Managing Director of Sanoma Magazines Praha s.r.o. as per October 1, 2006.

Mr. Rasocha is leaving Sanoma Magazines Praha as a result of a difference of opinion about the strategic direction of the company. After a process of identifying the differences of opinion, Sanoma Magazines International has acknowledged Mr. Rasocha's wish to continue his professional career into a new direction.

Sanoma Magazines International will initiate the search for a new managing director of the company. Mr. György Szabó, CEO of Sanoma Budapest and supervising Sanoma Magazines International's operations in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, will act as interim managing director of Sanoma Magazines Praha as per October 1, 2006.

Sanoma Magazines International acknowledges the efforts and results achieved by Sanoma Magazines Praha under Mr. Rasocha's leadership since August 2003. Sanoma Magazines International and Mr. Rasocha reached a mutual agreement to part as colleagues with professional respect and consideration.

Sanoma Magazines International is part of the SanomaWSOY Group's magazine division Sanoma Magazines.