Ilta-Sanomat's Editor-in-Chief of news editor Hannu Savola has been appointed as Senior Editor-in-Chief of the paper starting Semtember 25, 2006. The Board of Directors of SanomaWSOY appointed Savola today.

Ilta-Sanomat's previous Senior Editor-in-Chief Antti-Pekka Pietilä has resigned from his post and from the company today.

- There is no need for any radical changes in Ilta-Sanomat's basic concept of news, entertainment, and sports. Without diminishing the importance of entertainment, we will be taking a few steps towards issue-based journalism, explains Hannu Savola.

Ilta-Sanomat will continue to offer high-quality, people-focused content through all its distribution channels: in print, online, mobile phones, and to some degree television.

- An evening paper is a powerful medium and must recognise its responsibility. Acting justly as well as reasonably in the midst of all publicity is crucial, says Savola.

- Ilta-Sanomat is the clear market leader. I will seek to further clarify the Ilta-Sanomat brand and increase our role as a forerunner in debating journalism and as an engine for social discussion, he continues.

The President of Sanoma Corporation, Mikael Pentikäinen, says: - I wish to thank Antti-Pekka Pietilä for all his good and dedicated work on behalf of Ilta-Sanomat and all of SanomaWSOY.

- I am pleased that Hannu Savola is prepared to take the helm at Ilta-Sanomat. Savola is an excellent journalist and newsroom editor, with an impressive list of merits not just from Ilta-Sanomat but also from Helsingin Sanomat and Suomen Kuvalehti. With Savola in charge, Ilta-Sanomat will be able to strengthen its position as a leading, high-quality tabloid in Finland.

Managing editor Tapio Sadeoja has been appointed chief news editor at Ilta-Sanomat starting Semtember 25, 2006. He will also serve as the deputy Editor-in-Chief. Sadeoja has worked at Ilta-Sanomat since 1981, and has lead news editing at Ilta-Sanomat since 1997.

Additional information:
Senior Editor-in-Chief Hannu Savola, Ilta-Sanomat, tel. +358-9-122 3410
President Mikael Pentikäinen, Sanoma Corporation, tel. +358-9-122 2000

Ilta-Sanomat is part of Sanoma, SanomaWSOY's newspaper publishing and printing division.