AAC Global Oy, part of WSOY's WSOYpro business, and Areva NP, a French-German company commissioned to supply a nuclear power plant for Teollisuuden Voima Oy (TVO) in Finland, have signed an agreement according to which Areva NP will order the Finnish versions of the instructions and manuals related to the plant's commissioning, operation and safety regulations, including their publication and printing, from AAC Global.

The total value of the agreement will be at least several million euros.

– We understand this to be the largest single translation assignment ever ordered in Finland, says Janne Nevasuo, Managing Director of AAC Global Oy. – This agreement testifies to the quality of our service, which has now been tried and tested in a hard competitive bidding round. We are confident that the agreement will have significant reference value for us. In the future it will also open up interesting opportunities concerning other large-scale projects in the energy industry, both in Finland and internationally.

The scope of the order speaks for itself: the work is estimated to take some four years. There will be 25 to 45 full-time translators working at different stages of the project. A number of other professionals, such as specialists in multilingual documentation and project management will also be involved.

AAC and AREVA have also agreed on AAC's future role as the recommended supplier for any translations required by the subcontractors involved in the nuclear power plant construction project. AAC anticipates a significant increase in the number of new translation assignments.

– This agreement is important not only for AAC but also for WSOYpro. Our unit aims to see marked growth in the sale of major training, competence and communications solutions tailored to each customer, alongside more traditional information and training products. In this respect the agreement falls perfectly in line with our strategic goals, says Tuomo Räsänen, Senior Vice President for WSOYpro.

AAC Global Oy is a multilingual communication service company that offers language training, cross-cultural communication training, translation services and services related to the compilation of business and industry-specific term banks.

WSOYpro is a business unit of WSOY, a SanomaWSOY group company. WSOYpro provides a wide range of content, training, competence and communications solutions for enterprises and their professionals. These solutions embrace the unit's extensive portfolio of printed and digital content, training resources and expertise in digital media.