WSOY's Finnish Author Signed a Deal with British Canongate

Arto Paasilinna, Finnish author published by WSOY, has signed a deal with the British publishing house Canongate. The deal covers the publishing of two Paasilinna's novels.

- This is a significant deal, says WSOY's Literary Director Touko Siltala.- Canongate has now worldwide rights for the English editions. The publishing house is active USA, Canada, and Australia in addition to UK.

- Canongate is a significant player with large but dynamic operations. Jamie Byng of Canongate is well known in the entire publishing world, explains Sirkku Kleemola, Foreign Rights manager of WSOY.

Arto Paasilinna's novels will be published in a few years time. In total, Paasilinna's novel have already been translated to 35 different languages