Nelonen's coverage area has extended to 12 new broadcasting stations - Fiskars station will start as 13th new station in the end of September.

Nelonen's visibility area expanded markedly when 12 new digital broadcasting stations started their operations on Friday 27 August. The 13th station belonging into the extension, Fiskars, will start Nelonen broadcasts in the end of September. A digital Nelonen Plus complements Nelonen broadcasts free of charge.

Nelonen's new broadcasting stations are: Haapavesi, Joutseno, Kerimäki, Koli, Kruunupyy, Mikkeli, Pernaja, Pihtipudas, Pyhävuori, Tammela, Vaasa, Vuokatti and Fiskars that starts its operations in the end of September. After the extension about one million Finns from 450,000 hoseholds are able to receive digital broadcasts. The digi-tv transmission area covers then 94% of the Finnish households.

Nelonen is part of SWelcom, SanomaWSOY's electronic media division.