Nelonen has signed noteworthy contracts of purchasing programs with five international partners.

Contracts with Paramount, Buena Vista, Universal, Target and MTV include blockbuster premiers, wide selection of television series as well as MTV Music Awards and Movie Awards events.

Paramount's movie selection includes, among others, Mission Impossible 2, Shaft, Vanilla Sky, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Zoolander. Jake 2.0, which has opened well in USA, and The Handler with Emmy awarded Joe Pantoliano (Sopranos) in the leading role represent new television series. Paramont contract also includes the new episodes of the series Charmed.

Buena Vista contract comprises movie successess such as Pearl Harbor, Enemy of the State, The Horse Whisperer and Unbreakable. Children will enjoy Disney animations in Finnish.

The contract made earlier with Universal (e.g. Bridget Jones) has been completed by the American version of BBC's popular series Coupling and the series describing the foundation of a restaurant in New York, The Restaurant.

Through Target Nelonen will get new episodes of its popular series Bad Girls and Footballers' Wives. The contract also includes new series Between the Sheets.

Nelonen's agreement with MTV was continued, which enables Nelonen to air MTV Music Awards and MTV Movie Awards events. The new MTV hit series Punk'd, hosted by Ashton Kutcher (The 70's Show) and the new episodes of the Osbournes were also included in the contract.