Helsinki Television's (HTV) broadband cable network includes now over 250,000 homes in the Metropolitan area in Finland. At the same time the orders for digital services have surpassed analogical orders. The network growth during the last few years has been record high, due to especially HTV's broadband internet services and the versatile digital-TV supply.

The 250,000 homes connected to HTV's network represent well over half of the homes in the Metropolitan area and almost a quarter of Finland's some 1.1 million homes connected to the cable network. HTV has already contracts for some 270,000 homes.

Autumn 2003 has also been historical regarding the orders of digital-TV services. The demand of digital services has surpassed the analogical demand. At the end of September, HTV and its partners had some 32,000 pay-TV customers. The company has supplied its customers with some 10,000 digital set-top-boxes. Customers can also use set-top-boxes bought from retailers to view HTV's channels. HTV will widen its digital program supply in Nov - Dec 2003 and bring a total of 8 new channels available to its customers.

HTV is a part of SanomaWSOY's electronic media division, SWelcom.