Sanoma Magazines Praha, the leading publishing company of consumer magazines in the Czech Republic, launches the Czech edition of National Geographic as per September 26. This monthly edition is the 21st foreign-language version of the magazine which is nowadays read by 30 million people all over the world.

The National Geographic Society and the magazine were established in 1888 and the guiding principle, to broaden geographical knowledge and to support scientific endeavour, is still unchanged. All the licensed versions have the same high quality as the American edition.

Publishing over 15 titles and employing 250 people Sanoma Magazines Praha is part of Sanoma Magazines International b.v. Sanoma Magazines International belongs to SanomaWSOY Group’s magazine publishing division Sanoma Magazines b.v. which is the fifth largest publisher of consumer magazines in Europe with 240 titles in Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Romania and Slovakia.