Nelonen News and newspaper Kaleva will begin their news cooperation in Northern Finland 1 March 2003. According to the agreement, Kaleva's editorial offices in Oulu area and Lappland will also report to Nelonen News. These reporters will be trained for TV-performance. Newspaper Kaleva will also take care of the news footage of the area.

- Cooperation with Kaleva is very significant for Nelonen News, because Kaleva is the most important media in its area, the Northern Finland. This agreement strenghtens the quality and quantity of Nelonen's news from Oulu area and the whole Northern Finland, says Juhani Pekkala, the Senior-Editor-in-Chief of Nelonen News.

In October 2002, Nelonen News made an agreement to cooperate also with TV-Tampere. The cooperation will strat from the beginning of year 2003. - We now have editorial offices both in Tampere and Oulu. In addition, we have reporters in Turku and Lappeenranta covering also Southeast of Finland. We have concentrated our regional activities in those regions where also our important target groups are, says Pekkala.