Development and profitability program for Startel

New Senior Editor-in-Chief for Taloussanomat

Startel Oy will start a development and profitability program to improve its performance. In line with the program, Taloussanomat will have a new content strategy and Taloussanomat’s cooperation with Helsingin Sanomat in marketing and prepress activities will be deepened. In addition to this, the cost structure will be lightened. Senior Editor-in-Chief of Nelonen News Juhani Pekkala has been appointed Senior Editor-in-Chief of Taloussanomat and Commericial Director of Startel Oy Kari Kivelä Managing Director of the company.

Cooperation with Helsingin Sanomat in marketing will enhance customer service both in Circulation as well as in Advertising. The company’s costs will be adapted to the current market situation and Startel’s personnel will reduce by some 25 persons by the year 2004. The development and profitability program is estimated to improve Sanoma Corporation’s result by about EUR 1.5 million from 2004 onwards.