SWelcom's 2ndhead mobile portal has launched a new SMS service known as Paras Reitti, designed to help users identify the fastest and easiest route between any two locations in Greater Helsinki using public transport. The service provides route and timetable information on the best connections for passengers travelling by bus, commuter train, metro, and tram. The new service complements 2ndhead's existing Linjapalvelu service, which provides route-specific departure information.

To access the new service at tel. 16582, users tap in a simple request in the following format: pr departure address town, destination address town, for example, pr pajutie 25 espoo, vironkatu 2 helsinki. Paras Reitti will then provide you with information on the next possible departure for the route indicated covering timetable, stops, mode of transport, and any possible changes required.

The Paras Reitti service covers the entire Greater Helsinki area of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, and Kauniainen 24 hours a day, and can be accessed via Sonera, Radiolinja, and Telia subscribers.

The service, which has been developed by Dipec Oy, a specialist in intelligent mobile and location information services, is to be extended nationwide at the end of the year.