Speaking at SanomaWSOY's first Capital Markets Day, the Group's President and CEO, Jaakko Rauramo, said: "Between 2000 and 2003, SanomaWSOY's goal is to increase its net sales by an average of FIM 1 billion a year. At the same time, we will continue to strive to increase the value of our shares and solid dividend income for our shareholders."

"This is linked to the goal to double our net sales by 2005 that we announced when we published our figures for 1999 ," continued Jaakko Rauramo. "We project that, by 2005, WSOY, Helsinki Media, and our new electronic media sector will account for over 10% each of our net sales. Around a quarter of our net sales by 2005 will come from Sanoma, and nearly 30% from Rautakirja. The remaining approximately 10% will come from various sources, including new business initiatives developed by the Parent Company."

In addition to increasing its net sales, SanomaWSOY's goal is also to significantly grow its operating profit; and to increase the pace of its international expansion. By 2003, SanomaWSOY's aim is for at least 20% of its net sales to be generated from activities outside Finland.

SanomaWSOY is already the market leader in the traditional media business in Finland, and its strategic goal is to achieve market leadership in selected markets in electronic media services and applications. In the Internet area, added value will be created by extending and further developing existing products and brands, and developing completely new products and services.

"Our strategy is to develop and create new intellectual capital to enable us to create and roll out new products, services, and business solutions addressing the rapidly evolving needs of today's changing world," says President and CEO Jaakko Rauramo. " SanomaWSOY's international expansion will be based on our diverse, rich base of intangible assets, strong financial position, and a range of new products, service, and business concepts."

SanomaWSOY's first Capital Markets Day was held in Sanoma House in Helsinki on September 7. Presentation material distributed on the day will be available at www.sanomawsoy.fi on September 8. Audio recordings of the English-language presentations will be available at the Group's home page in Week 37.