The companies merging to form Sanoma-WSOY Oyj, i.e. Werner Söderström Corporation - WSOY, Sanoma Corporation, Helsinki Media Company Oy as well as Oy Devarda Ab which is a shareholder in the two last-mentioned companies, have today submitted an application for a listing on the Helsinki Stock Exchange on behalf of Sanoma-WSOY Oyj formed as a result of the merger and starting operations on 1 May 1999 in accordance with the merger plan.

Sanoma-WSOY applies for a quotation of its two share classes, A-shares and B-shares, on the HEX list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange as from 3 May 1999. Trading in Werner Söderström Corporation - WSOY's shares will continue until 30 April 1999.

Additional information: Mr. Aarno Heinonen, Executive Vice President, telephone +358 9 6169 219, or +358 400 408 938.


Aarno Heinonen
Executive Vice President

DISTRIBUTION: HEX Helsinki Stock Exchange; principal media